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All Berlin High School Seniors engage in the Capstone experience to showcase their skills and passion.

Students will pursue ideas or challenges through the design and development of substantive questions and actions.


"What excites you?"

This could be a future career, something you are passionate about, or a topic you learned about in school that you want to explore further.

“What makes you curious?”

Conduct research on your topic that explores information that is new to you.


Your Capstone is part of the culminating process of your educational experience, and should be something that brings you an immense amount of pride while researching and presenting.

You will be asked to use a variety of skills you have learned throughout your educational experience...Research, Communication, Collaboration, Innovation, and Critical Thinking.


  • Identify a Topic that you are interested in or passionate about
  • Identify and connect with an Expert within your field of research
  • Develop a Project Outline
  • Reflect on process and progress
  • Use Research-Based Question(s) to identify and evaluate resources to deepen knowledge of the topic, idea, action, or creation
  • Create and present a Pitch for your topic
  • Produce an Annotated Bibliography of interviews, observations, articles and other sources related to the topic
  • Develop Artifact(s) of learning and/or take action within your topic
  • Integrate the use of Technology throughout the process
  • Demonstrate understanding of new knowledge at a Capstone Exhibition

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