The BHS Art Department offers an array of opportunities. A student could try a variety of art areas to explore, or if they are on the college-to-career track, they could specialize in a particular art medium and work their way up to one of our four college-level pathways through our ECE UConn Drawing, AP Drawing, AP 2D Art and Design and/or AP 3D Art and Design. Our curriculum works to nurture the student’s ability to communicate visually while engaging in lifelong learning practices that can lend towards a career path and/or personal growth and development.

K - 12 Berlin Fine Arts Philosophy

 The Berlin Public Schools Fine Arts Department is committed to fostering a community of creative, innovative, and passionate learners who value and celebrate diversity in a global society through shared experiences in the arts. All learners will be provided with meaningful opportunities in the arts to further develop a deeper form of self-expression, empowering them to become lifelong participants, appreciators, and advocates of the fine arts.

K - 12 Visual Art Program Goals

  • Students will create art by generating, organizing, developing, and refining artistic work.
  • Students will develop, analyze, and convey meaning through the presentation and production of artistic work.
  • Students will perceive, interpret, and evaluate artistic work.
  • Students will relate artistic ideas and works to personal, community, and cultural contexts.

Department Curriculum



Drawing/Painting Courses

Drawing I

Drawing II #

UConn ECE Drawing** 

AP Drawing**

Painting I

Painting II

Unified Art

 ** Indicates an Honors level course
Honors Challenge available

2-D Design Courses

2-D Art and Design I

2-D Art and Design II

AP 2-D Art and Design** 

Digital Photography

Digital Art I

Digital Art II#

** Indicates an Honors level course
Honors Challenge available

3-D Design Courses

3-D Art and Design I

3-D Art and Design II

AP 3-D Art and Design**

Jewelry & Metalsmithing

Pottery I

Pottery II

** Indicates an Honors level course
Honors Challenge available

Art Dept. photo


Kathy Miller
Janet Galasso


Tyler Boyle