DECA Students Place at State Competition

DECA Club Members Successful at State Competition
Posted on 03/09/2020

Friday, March 6,2020: On March 4th, 15 students along with advisors Robert Parisi and Lorraine Wicklund, from the Berlin High School Business DECA chapter, participated in the Connecticut DECA State Conference at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville, CT. For the fifth year in a row, the students of BHS have proved to be dynamic business competitors. Students participated in events that allowed them to showcase their business knowledge in a competitive business atmosphere. 
Students who competed were: Joshua Bois, Jessica Boucher, Julia Daddario, Briana Dastoli, Gianmichael Didomenico, Audrey Feldman, Jake Holmes, Adam Kajzer, Dan Lynch, John McGeever, Trevor Miano, Muzayana Pulatova, Christopher St. Germain, Tony Undercuffler, and Marina Vozvyshayeva.
The students competed in the areas of: Accounting, Business Management and Administration, Finance, Innovation, Retail Merchandising, Travel and Tourism, and Sports & Entertainment Marketing. We are proud to announce a victory. Over 1,100 students from Connecticut participated in over 50 events. Audrey Feldman (Senior) placed first in the Business Finance Series, and Adam Kajzer (Senior) placed first in the Accounting Applications Series. In the past, students have competed at the International Career Developer Conferences in California, Atlanta, Orlando, and were invited to Nashville for this year’s event