Work Based Learning


Work-Based Learning at BHS

Vision:  Every student will have the opportunity to identify strengths and interests, explore career options and corresponding pathways, and build a personalized secondary to post-secondary plan.


Mission Statement:
  Work-based learning is an educational strategy that expands on classroom instruction by connecting learning to the world of work: career-connected learning.  Pathway- relevant career activities are provided for students through partnerships among educators and industry.  These experiences support the development of career readiness skills and exploration of career pathways that are unique to a student’s own passion, engendering a sense of purpose and instilling a sense of pride. 


Guiding Principles:  All students benefit when..

1. Meaningful connections exist between classroom learning and authentic career experiences.
medical workers 2.
A variety of work-based learning opportunities are available that expand on classroom learning. 

jet workers

3. Career considerations are an integral part of post-secondary planning. 

science careers 4. Employers and educators are mutual stakeholders.  

5. Best practices are implemented around program development, liability and safety. 

Work-Based Learning Coordinator:
Millie Hemming
[email protected]
860-828-6577  ext. 1752

Career Awareness:
Interest Inventories
Career Clusters Exploration
Occupational Education
Occupational Training Options
Wage/Earning Data
Career Fairs
Employment Fairs
Industry Speakers
Expert Panelists
Industry Tours (virtual / on-site)

Career Exploration:

Community ServiceIndustry-based Job Shadowing
College & Training Tours (pathway/non-pathway)
Informational Interviews
Industry-led Projects

Career Experience:

On-site Internships
Work Study
Industry Credentials