School Counseling

Your high school experience offers you many opportunities to be successful academically and co-curricularly. Your school counselor is available to help you accomplish your goals throughout high school and guide you as you make decisions about your future.


The Berlin School Counseling Department provides a comprehensive, developmentally-appropriate and sequential program to all students. Counselors focus on the needs, interests and issues related to the stages of student growth through personal/social, academic and career development. In partnership with students, staff, family, and the community, we empower students to maximize their potential to become effective, lifelong learners in a changing world.


  • Berlin Public Schools Counselors believe:

  • All students regardless of their intellectual or physical ability should be treated as equals and given fair opportunities and proper support to reach their individual personal potential.

  • Following ethical guidelines assures the well-being of students and the integrity of the school counseling program.

  • Collaboration between school personnel, families, and community resources will afford every student opportunities to become productive citizens of a global society.

  • All students are unique and contribute to the school community through their varied social, ethnic, cultural, racial, and academic backgrounds, experiences, and strengths.

  • All students benefit from the ability to self-advocate, exhibit personal responsibility, and strive for accountability.

  • All students benefit from a counselor who participates in ongoing professional development to access current research as well as collaborates with other professionals in the counseling field.

  • Counselors must regularly reevaluate the program to ensure it meets the changing needs of the students it serves.


Your counselor keeps all information confidential unless disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to you or others or when the law requires that confidential information be revealed.

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Counseling Staff:
Ana Nascimento
D'Andra Whyte
Laura Meneo
Jill Taradeina
Meghan Hickey
Patricia Pires
Natalie Criniti

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Laura Meneo
860-828-6577 X1085
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