School Counseling

Your high school experience offers you many opportunities to be successful academically and co-curricularly. Your school counselor is available to help you accomplish your goals throughout high school and guide you as you make decisions about your future.


Berlin’s school counseling department engages students through a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program where students find purpose in their academic achievement, career exploration, and social-emotional growth.  The school counseling department ignites passion within students to become responsible, productive citizens and lifelong learners.  The school counseling department partners with stakeholders to promote access, equity, and inclusion, empowering all students to exhibit pride in achieving their fullest potential.


The graduates of Berlin Public Schools will: * Contribute to local and global communities by standing strong in their beliefs while accepting and celebrating the diversity of others, * Communicate effectively through the use of self-advocacy, social-emotional intelligence, and networking skills, * Innovate to design solutions to problems utilizing positive coping skills and accessing resources with perseverance and resilience to achieve their fullest potential, * Learn continuously by creating opportunities for self-growth and exhibiting financial literacy, * Think critically to gain self-awareness, knowing who they are and their purpose; and   * Collaborate to accomplish a shared goal by being part of a team and recognizing healthy relationships.


Your counselor keeps all information confidential unless disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to you or others or when the law requires that confidential information be revealed.

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Counseling Staff:
Jill Gildersleeve
Meghan Hickey
Laura Meneo
Ana Nascimento

D'Andra Whyte

Liz Atwood
[email protected]

Laura Meneo
860-828-6577 X1085
[email protected]