Student Internship Program

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Statement of Purpose:

Berlin High School students will explore professional communities, think about potential career pathways, seek unique experiences and opportunities, become confident interacting with professionals, exhibit personal growth, model accountability and contribute to a worthy organization. 


If interested, inquire at the School Counseling Suite, for more information. When applying, students must complete an online application and return the packet of required materials. Applicants will be scheduled for an individual meeting with the Spark Internship Coordinator, Mrs. Pires. The Internship Coordinator will determine the most suitable applicants per internship. These students will be interviewed by the business they are applying to. The business owner / contact will choose the final intern. If an applicant receives an internship, they will be expected to:

  • Complete 75-150 hour internship
  • Complete bi-weekly journals in Schoology
  •  Complete weekly time sheets to Mr. Rudy
  •  Complete a mid-internship evaluation
  •  Complete a final internship evaluation
  •  Complete a final essay on their experience
  •  Write a thank you letter to their sponsor

If an intern completes all of these objectives with great effort, they will receive a 0.5 credit and have a unique accomplishment to add to their resume.

Where Can I Find Out More?

  • Spark Internship Coordinator: Mrs Pires, [email protected]
  • Visit the School Counseling Office and speak with your counselor about internship opportunities

Online Application:


Internship Interest Form:


Please attach the documents to the website. I have included them in the email.

  • Teacher Recommendation Form
  •  Consent and Transportation Form
  •  Expectation Pledge
  •  Confidentiality Agreement