Math Tutors

BHS Math Tutoring Center

The BHS Math Tutoring Center, located in Rm 2220, is staffed by Berlin High School students. The BHS Math Tutoring Center is open for appointments throughout the school day, on Monday and Tuesday after school, and on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Check the BHS Math Tutoring Center calendar to see specific times it is open. Students may seek help in a one-on-one setting, with any math assignment.  Students are encouraged to make an appointment for a tutoring session, by emailing , but can drop in too (when the Math Tutoring Center is open).  Students must get a pass from their teacher prior to visiting the BHS Math Tutoring Center.
Upon arrival at the Tutoring Center, please sign in at the BHS Math Tutoring Kiosk, and remain there for the duration of the period.   

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Math Tutors
The Math Tutoring Center is located in Rm. 2220
You are encouraged to make an appointment