Yearbook Club Advisor: Mark Wicander

Yearbook Club: See Mr. Wilander we need Freshmen, Sophomore and Juniors as well as Seniors.

Yearbook Deadlines: See Below

Order your yearbook online from Josten's

Yearbook order

Add photographs to the yearbook - ReplayIt - create your own password and username.

Senior Portrait Info
Our school photographer Prestige Photos by Lifetouch has one more session set up for senior photos on October 25th and 26th, here at BHS. This will be your last chance to get a yearbook pose in the your yearbook. You will be notified by mail of you appointment time. You can confirm it or reschedule for another time. Once you have had your photo taken you must pick your pose by November 30 or one will be chosen for you.

Candid Pictures
The creation of the yearbook cannot be completed without the help of you, the senior class! The yearbook staff is looking for the following information: pictures (baby, elementary school, middle school, high school, summer, sports, senior write ups, and graduation ads.

Please submit pictures to the yearbook staff through one of the three methods listed below. If you would not like appropriate pictures on your senior’s Facebook or Instagram pages to be submitted to the yearbook for publication, please contact Mr. Wicander by email: before October 12th, 2018.

All pictures from the categories below must be submitted by October 31st, 2018.
Anything submitted after this date might NOT be accepted. Be sure to clearly label the year the picture is from and who is in the photo:

A Baby picture (up to age 18 months)
Elementary School pictures
Middle School pictures
Summer pictures

You can submit in three different ways**:
1) Email the photos to
2) Upload them directly to our yearbook website*:
Click on the Replay It link on the school website and set up an account to upload the pictures yourself.
*Please be sure to identify/tag all people in the pictures as well as the approximate year the picture was taken.
3) Bring them to Room 1602 so we can scan them for you. Be sure to put your name
on the back so they can be returned to you.

*when you upload a picture you are giving the yearbook staff permission to publish the
picture in the yearbook
**all pictures submitted are not guaranteed to be chosen.
We will make every effort to return these prized photos to you.

Senior Write ups:
1) Your write up must be submitted via email. Please send your write up to
2) Write ups must be received by 11:59 pm November 2, 2018. Write ups will not be accepted any other way or after this time. Choose your write up wisely. Changes will not be made once it is approved. Be sure to use proper punctuation, include authors for any quotes that you choose, and use spell check. The way that you submit it is the way that it will be printed.
3) The subject line of your email must include your first and last name as well as your ID number.

4) Your write up may not exceed 450 characters (this includes spaces and punctuation). You should check this number yourself in Microsoft Word before you submit your write up. Anything over the 450 character limit will NOT be printed.

5) You MAY NOT include any abbreviations of any type, with the only exception of BHS.

6) No use of symbols is allowed in your write up, text only.

7) You may not include any references to social media, no #hashtags!

8) Write ups must contain appropriate language as well as appropriate subject matter. Any write up submitted that is inappropriate will be referred to administration. Your write up will not be accepted.

9) If you do not wish to submit a write up, the space next to your picture in the yearbook will be left blank.

*Any write up that does not fit the above guidelines may be altered by the yearbook staff.

Mr. Wicander will send a reply email to let you know that your write up has been received and another that it has been approved. Please allow at least two weeks to receive the approval email and be sure that you check your email to receive confirmation that it has been approved.

Write up suggestions:
A) Fill in the blanks of this form:
Nickname(s): ___________________
Dreams of: ___________________________________________
Hope to: _____________________________________________
(the words nickname, dreams of, and hope to need to be included in your 450 characters)

Nickname: Jenny, Giggles
Dreams of graduating from college with honors, becoming a math teacher, marrying Mr. Wonderful, and never losing touch with her awesome friends. Hopes to always have a smile on her face.

B) A famous quote /song lyrics and a shout out to your friends and family.
Examples of a properly written quote:

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” - Eleanor Roosevelt
“Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.” – Author unknown

C) Your choice.

Recognition Ads

In an effort to make the process of ordering a Recognition/Grad Ad easier and less expensive, Jostens, our Yearbook Publisher, has added a Recognition Ad service to their website. Recognition Ads can now be ordered in the same way you order your yearbook. Jostens will continue to offer all the services that were offered by the previous Grad Ad company. The deadline for ordering a Grad Ad for the 2019 Yearbook is 1/9/19.

Ordering a Yearbook

The easiest way to order a Yearbook is to go to the Berlin High School Web page ( then go to “Student Life” then go to Yearbook. Click on that and you will be taken to the Jostens ordering page.
Again this year Yearbook pricing will be graduated from $65 in the early fall to $85 in the spring of 2017, so it makes a lot of “cents” to order your book early. For those who prefer to pay by check or cash please contact Mr. Wicander and he will get you the information. If you pay by check please make it payable to Berlin High School Yearbook

Yearbook Price Schedule:
$65 + tax, until 10/5/18
$75 + tax, until 11/16/18
$80 + tax, until 1/25/19
$85 + tax, until 3/1/19 – No new orders can be placed after this date.

Questions? Email Mr. Wicander at . He will do his best to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Stay up to date on yearbook information by checking out the school website, your school email, and listening to announcements during the second period of the day.