Cancellation Cup Is Back

BHS' Cancellation Cup is Back
Posted on 12/14/2020
The Cancellation Cup team has updated the scoring system since yesterday. Since the weather is always changing, you now have the ability to change your vote. This comes at a cost, however. Let's just say that the forecast changed drastically and we didn't receive any snow. You would probably want to change your vote from "Snow Day" to "Regular Day."
You are not limited on how many times you change your vote but each additional vote will reduce your points by half. 
  • Person A - voted 1x and was correct and received 100 points.
  • Person B - voted 2x and was correct on the second vote - 50 points
  • Person C - voted 3x and was correct on the third vote - 25 points.
Only the last vote will count and now allows you to get some last minute points as the forecast changes.
Lastly, here are a few reminders:
  • Please wait until an email is sent from this account which opens the voting.
  • Only submit your vote once (remember each duplicate votes will reduce your score by 1/2)

To vote: Log in with your Berlin Google account and go to:
Short version voting guidelines: Voting opens 72 hours (3 days) ahead of a weather event -or- when the National Weather Service issues a warning to ANY part of the State. Any votes outside of the voting window will not be counted. It is important to keep an eye on the weather because forecasts change.
Live Leaderboard (bookmark this link)
Live Predictions (bookmark this link) - you will start to see what others are predicting as votes roll in and you could use it to inform your decision, if you choose.
After each event, you will receive an automated email with your voting choice, how many points you've earned as well as the current leader. Last year's season was cut a little short but we still have 9 events, in years prior we were well over a dozen events, so there are a lot of opportunities to vote and climb the leaderboard.
For updates during the season, follow @cancellationcup on Twitter or Instagram.